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Because YOU Care

Supporting YOU – Our Social workers

  • Online support and training designed for Social Workers by a Social Worker – I get the reality of what you are going through.
  • 16 lessons delivered through 4 Modules released fortnightly so you are supported to work through the materials and implement it as you go.
  • Short accessible video training so you can listen on the go in bite size chinks.
  • Easliy applied activities that support you to  become more aware of your needs.
  • Effective and evidence based tools you can apply immediately for sustainable change.

Hi, I’m Helen and ‘Because YOU Care – SOS’ 

is my offering…

As a mum of teenage twins, a wife to a very good man I have found my why again and reconnected with me.

But it wasn’t always like that

Originally from the UK, I lived in Northern Ireland in my 20’s where I completed my professional Social Work studies and had my eyes opened to the world through grass root Community Relations work and front line Child Protection work, before I moved to Australia for my 30’s and beyond.

As a highly driven professional woman I returned to work on my own terms after having kids, but necessity later drew me back into full time work in the Child Protection support arena.

It was a combination of all these elements that eventually led me to reaching breakdown point, and it was my perfectionist personality the made me push right on through and eventually crumble.

I get you, I was there trying to juggle all the balls, trapped in a self made idealism and fighting to take a breath on my own.

It is Because YOU Care that this is so important, you need to invest in you and sustainable caring in order to have a future in Social Work, and I promise everyone around you will benefit just as much as you do.


Because YOU Care – SOS course?

A Complete Self-directed online workshop

4 Modules to support you through the process of understanding Moral Distress,  Vicarious Trauma and Burnout and strategies to prevent it


6 months access

to complete at your own pace and revisit when you feel the need.

Video lessons

A series of videos where I share teachings and guide you through the resources for personal application. Individual Lessons within each Module make it easy to navigate your way through.

Lesson downloads

that give extra information and support activities to further your own learning.

Tailored activities

with clear tasks to lead you through the process of exploring your current circumstances, risks, needs and options so you can keep practicing sustainable social work for the long term.

Bonus: FB Group

Join other like-minded individuals who are exploring their own circumstances and being brave enough to put themselves first!




The Because YOU Care program is $397,

but to get you started I'm offering LIMITED TIME ACCESS for only $147(Aus)

Ideally you will be a Front Line practitioner in the Social Welfare sector or First Responder 

(or working in a caring professional role).

Click BUY NOW to register and pay ONLY $147 for FULL ACCESS.


This all sounds great… But

Is the 'Because you care - sos' Course really as good as it sounds?
YES! And if you want to know more and understand why, review the questions and answers below!
How long will it take me to finish the course?

Once you subscribe to the course you will have instant access to the training platform with background information and support materials. When the course commences each module will be released fortnightly to enable you time to work through the materials in your own time. The course can be completed in 8 weeks but once all modules are released you will have access for 6 months, so you can go at what ever pace suits you. Each Module has a training video and associated activities and additional resources – how much time you invest is up to you and your current capacity with your personal and professional responsibilities. 

Is it REALLY only $147? Are there any hidden costs?

This is a pilot of the course and it will be $147 for the first round only.  Prices will significantly increase for future rounds of the course. If you wish to purchase the Essential Oils to support some of the self care activities these can be accessed at wholesale prices separate to the course fees. 

Do I need to have any special technology to access the course?
No – It is hosted through the website so you just click and watch videos and view tasks and PDFs. If you want to print any of the Lesson downloads or PDFs then that is also easily available.
are there more courses that follow that I will need to do?

Because YOU Care – SOS is a stand alone course so once you subscribe you have all you need. Future learning courses will be accessible as they are developed.

How does the facebook group work?

You will get access to the private Because YOU Care – SOS  facebook group from within the course links and it is open only to those that have subscribed to the course. I will be monitoring the group and jumping in to add support and encouragement along the way.

Need more detail about the 4 Modules?


  • What is ‘sustainable caring’?
  • Concepts of Moral Distress, Vicarious Trauma and Burnout.
  •  ‘Nurtured Practice’ framework for holistic assessment of your professional experiences.
  • Exploration of your values, beliefs, personal rewards gained from your profession and ethical principles 
  • Self-compassion and gratitude to create foundations for sustainable practices 
  • Explore daily practices and identify what works to support your wellbeing.


  • Mindset Perspectives and Systemic & workplace culture 
  • Assess your own frames of reference and review your daily lifestyle strategies.
  • Consider the reality of Vicarious Trauma and assess the impact of this on you.
  • Boundaries, responsibility, negative thought patterns.
  • Explore the organisational context of your work  in the context of moral distress 
  • Value based decision making and responsibility and guilt.


  • Mind body connection and stressors and supportive strategies.
  • Chronic and toxic stress and the long term impacts for wellbeing.
  • Emotional regulation strategies and desensitisation and denial.
  • Practical strategies to support empathy, compassion and self regulation 
  • Exploration of unconscious empathy, emotional contagion and body awareness 
  • Extend your daily practices with values based intention setting and a Flexi self- care plan.


  • Review protective factors and implement strategies to reduce the negative impact on self from your work.
  • Accurately assess your emotional and psychological needs.
  • Empowered to seek professional interventions and take protective action.
  • Realistically assess your current role.
  • Develop a plan for professional sustainability and ongoing evaluation of your needs. 
  • Continue to have access to resources as you implement your learning.

Each Module is supported by video training, practical exercises and a weekly Question and Answer session live in the closed FaceBook group. Access to the course materials remains via the online training platform for 6 months after the release of the final module.




The Because YOU Care program is $397,

but to get you started I'm offering LIMITED TIME ACCESS for only $147(Aus)

Ideally you will be a Front Line practitioner in the Social Welfare sector or First Responder 

(or working in a caring professional role).

Click BUY NOW to register and pay ONLY $147 for FULL ACCESS.


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